Are You Moving? Then call Itzy's Cleaning Services of Hendersonville, TN!

Experience peace of mind that your new place is clean

You can't wait to move. Your new place is amazing-it's close to your work, it's spacious and it's updated. The skilled team at Itzy's Cleaning Services will make sure your place is spotless. We'll wipe, scrub and vacuum before you move in.

Don't put your belongings in a dirty home. Contact us right away to schedule a move-in cleaning service.

Don't lose your security deposit

Don't lose your security deposit

You lived in the space for years without even nicking the walls. However, you may still have to forfeit the security deposit if you move out without properly cleaning the apartment.

The dedicated crew at Itzy's Cleaning Services knows that a proper clean is more than just wiping down the surfaces. We'll make sure the place is spotless, including these commonly overlooked areas:

  • Windowsills
  • Inside the kitchen appliances
  • Grout in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Tops and insides of cabinets

To be confident that you'll get your security deposit back, call us today. We'll sanitize every inch of the space to make it look like new.